Delegate Dan Cox, Candidate for Maryland Governor

“After two years of unconstitutional mandates, we need candidates for office that embrace and uphold our constitution and values.  District 32 has many Maryland voters with our values that are not represented by the Democrats who presently control the entire slate of three even though the district is much more evenly split.  Michele Speakman is just such a candidate to bring our constitution and America First values back to the Maryland Legislature. A mom, business woman, and leader, Michele believes in making our streets safe again, supporting our police and veterans, ensuring that parents’ voices decide their children’s education, and ending the mandates. She will work for we the People and will work to lower taxes. She’s pro-life, pro-second amendment and pro-business. I am honored to fully and wholeheartedly endorse her for the House of Delegates district 32.”

Delegate Dan Cox, Candidate for Maryland Governor

Maryland Right To Life


Stand For Health Freedom